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First in class drug device combination to treat nuisance bleeding in patients on anticoagulants

According to a recent survey by the National Blood Clot Alliance (, the majority (55%) of Americans taking blood thinners indicate they fear suffering from major bleeding and 73% indicate they are more cautious with routine activities such as cooking, shaving, and walking barefoot.  With more than 8 million patients in the US taking blood thinners, an exciting new treatment device is being developed to provide transformative care for these patients by allowing for easier and more rapid attenuation of these bleeding events. 

Bio 54 is developing a novel drug/device combination called BXP154 to treat external bleeding from minor wounds in anticoagulant patients.  This is a product with the potential to improve the life experience for patients on anticoagulants, and provides a new exciting opportunity in the treatment market.

Bio 54 is an affiliate company of 501 Ventures, LLC (a life science accelerator)

A Better Solution

Current standard of care for these prolonged bleeding episodes is basic wound care, which can take hours or require a hospital visit.

Hand-held Drug Delivery

Bio 54 is developing a novel, hand-held drug delivery device for patients to stop nuisance bleeding events comfortably at home.

Safe & Effective

There is an unmet need for patients on blood thinners who experience nuisance external bleeding

Medicare and Medicaid anticoagulation claims in 20191


Combined Medicare and Medicaid anticoagulation claims increase from 2014 to 20191

Combined Medicare and Medicaid anticoagulation spending in 20191

Emergency department visits resulting from bleeding from oral anticoagulants in 20172

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2  Geller AI, Shehab N, Lovegrove MC, Rose KO, Weidle NJ, Goring SK, Budnitz DS. Emergency Visits for Oral Anticoagulant Bleeding external icon J Gen Intern Med 2019 Oct 29.

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